2018, spring

Author Workshop

Handbook Cultural and Cognitive Aesthetics of Religion

Organized by Adrian Hermann, Rafaela Eulberg, Petra Tillessen (FIW Bonn)

Preparation of the third publication handbook "Aesthetics of Religion"

Forum Internationale Wissenschaft
Abteilung für Religionsforschung
Universität Bonn
Heussallee 18–24
53113 Bonn

2017, November 10-12

Methodology in Aesthetics of Religion

International Workshop

University of Munich

Organized by Anne Koch and Katharina Wilkens

2017, spring

Author Workshop Storytelling

Münster in Germany

Organized by Anja Kirsch and Annette Wilke

Preparation of papers from the conference on narratology for publication in a special issue in a peer reviewed Journal.

2016, November 11-12

Workshop Methodology

Erlangen (Germany)
Hartmannstr. 14, Gebäude D1

Organized by Esther-Maria Guggenmos

Preparing international conference and discuss third publication.

2016, June 16-18

Narrative Cultures and the Aesthetics of Religion. Storytelling – Imagination – Efficacy

 International Conference

University of Oslo, Institute for Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS)

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2015, August 22-23

The Sensory Sacred – Aesthetic as a Connective Concept for the Study of Religion – Positions and Future Plans

 Kick-off meeting

University of Erfurt, Germany

Organized by Alexandra Grieser (Dublin) and Jay Johnston (Sydney)