Dirk Johannsen

 Profile at University of Oslo

Assoc. Prof. Dirk Johannsen specialises in the cultural history of popular religion. His research focuses on narrative cultures in folklore and literature, cognitive anthropology, and the narrative imagination. Together with Anja Kirsch, he will host the second AESToR NET meeting, a conference on Narrative Cultures and the Aesthetics of Religion, at the University of Oslo.


Recent publications include

Konstruktionsgeschichten. Narrationsbezogene Ansätze in der Religionsforschung, edited with G. Brahier, Düsseldorf: Ergon 2013
„Erzählungen vom Fremden: Zur numinosen Struktur des Motivs der Bergentrückung in der skandinavischen Überlieferung.“ In: Hôrin 17, 2014, 17–38
“Two Types of Magic in One Tradition? A Cognitive-Historiographical Case Study on the Interplay of Narratives and Rituals.” In: G. Ahn, V. Nünning, J. Rupp (eds.): Ritual and Narrative. Theoretical Explorations and Historical Case Studies. Bielefeld: Transkript 2013, 165–187
“No time to philosophize. Norwegian oral tradition and the cognitive economics of belief.” In: L.H. Martin, J. Sørensen (eds.): Past Minds. Studies in Cognitive Historiography. London: Routledge 2011, 77–88
„Kognition und Narration. Zur Tradierung von Mythen.“ In: M. Klöcker, U. Tworuschka (eds.), Handbuch der Religionen I-21, München: Olzog 2011