Mikael Aktor

 Profile at University of Southern Denmark

After in-depth studies of ritualisation and segregation in the untouchability complex in Hinduistic ideology, Associate Professor Mikael Aktor’s recent interest in aesthetics of religion was sparked by his study of aniconic religious and/or ritual objects and their aesthetic properties within a South Asian context. He has been part of all previous international meetings and panels and will continue to enrich our work with his insights into material culture and his methodological inclusion of cognitive theories into his interpretative framework.

Thematic journal issue

Aktor, Mikael and Milette Gaifman (eds.). 2017. Exploring Aniconism. Published as Religion 47 (3).

Edited volume

(K.A. Jacobsen, ibid., K. Myrvold eds.), Objects of Worship in South Asian Religions: Forms, practices and meanings. Abingdon 2015


Five Stones – Four Rivers – One Town: The Hindu Pañcāyatanapūjā. In. Soulless Matter, Seats of Energy: Metals, Gems and Minerals in South Asian Traditions. Edited by Fabrizio M. Ferrari and Thomas W.P. Dähnhardt, 3-27. Sheffield and Bristol, CT: Equinox 2016
The śivalinga between artifact and nature: The Ghrsneśvaralinga in Varanasi and the banalingas from the Narmada River, in: K.A. Jacobsen, ibid., K. Myrvold (eds.): Objects of Worship in South Asian Religions: Forms, Practices and Meanings, Abingdon 2015