Katharina Wilkens

 Profile at University Munich

The speaker of the network, Dr. Katharina Wilkens, has two major foci in aesthetics of religion. She is interested in spirit possession trance and the resulting forms of embodied, sensual and performative knowledge. Also, material text practices such as the therapeutic drinking of the Qur’an attract her attention. Both examples can be read against naturalist explanations, e.g. psychiatric evaluations and placebo effects, but nevertheless require culturalist framing.

Holy Water and Evil Spirits. Religious Healing in East Africa, Berlin 2011 (Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung 47)
Edited special issue

(J. Kugele) Relocating Religion(s). Museality as Critical Term for Aesthetics of Religion, in: special issue of the Journal of Religion in Europe 4.2011,1. – With own paper: (C. Meyer, P. Tillessen, A. Wilke, K. Wilkens) Museum in Context, 71-101


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