Adrian Hermann

 Profile at University Hamburg

Jun. Prof. Adrian Hermann works on religion in a globalised world, with a focus on documentary media and religion, the aesthetic production of religious evidences, and the global history of Christianity. In a current project on „Audiovisual documentary media and religion“ he is interested in analysing religion as aesthetic production, presentation and audience reception of religious evidence, taking as an example religious documentary films produced since the year 2000. In 2015, he will be a research fellow with Tanya Luhrman at Stanford University.

(A. Grieser, K. Triplett) Museality as a matrix of the production, reception, and circulation of knowledge concerning Religion, Journal of Religion in Europe 4.2011,1, 40–70
Religiöse Theaterkonzeptionen. Die Theaterbühne als religiöser Medien-Ort in der Europäischen Religionsgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts, in: ibid. / J. Mohn (eds.), Orte der Europäischen Religionsgeschichte, Würzburg 2014