Ulrike Brunotte

 Profile at University of Maastricht (NL)

Associate Professor Ulrike Brunotte was involved in the basic research DFG priority program (chaired by Erika Fischer-Lichte): “Theatrality. Theatre as a Cultural Model for the Humanities” (1999 -2002) with two projects on ritualisation and theories of performativity. Moreover, she wrote a monograph on one of the pioneers of a material/aesthetic approach to religion, Jane E. Harrison. Her research in the field of aesthetics of religion combines new materialism, gender studies, and (ritual) performativity. Since 2013 chair of the international research network: “Gender in Orientalism, Occidentalism and Antisemitism” www.rengoo.net.



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“The Performative Knowledge of Ecsatsy: Jane E. Harrison’s (1850-1928) Early Contestations of the Textual Paradigm in Religious Studies”, in: A. Grieser/J. Johnston (ede.): Aesthetics of Religion. A Connective Concept, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter 2017